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English into German Translations

German translationsGerman is one of the top five target languages for translation. Around the world, German is spoken by an estimated 100 million native speakers and an estimated 30 million non-native speakers. According to the Guinness Book of Records, and our own clients, German is the number one language translated into from English. German is also the fifth most common language spoken in American homes.

With over 80 million people in the country, one of the richest western cultures, and a modern technological base, Germany is a favorite for companies to expand into internationally. The opportunities from translating your materials into German are endless.

When translating into German it is best to start with the end in mind. How do you see your final translations being received in the market? Once you can define the end use of your translations, you can work backward and ready your materials for translation.

For instance, when translating English into German the average language expansion rate is 108%. This means that if your text is extremely crowded or you use large headings when you translate the resulting translation could potentially ruin your layout. Careful consideration for the language, native speaking translators, and years of experience will help you avoid any challenges when translating English into German.

InterWorld Translations has vast experience with providing German translations for everything from your packaging, brochures, documents, web sites and software. We have the experts who can help you enter the German market and maximize your return.

For more information on Germany and the German language click here.

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