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Linguistic review instructions

The following instructions will help guide you through the process of reviewing your translated documents. This process was developed to help your internal reviewers provide the most valuable feedback to the translation team.

By working together your projects will exceed your expectations. Please follow the guidelines as closely as possible. This is the final step in the Total Quality Process™ system and probably the most important step in the process for delivering the best translation.

If you have any questions regarding these steps or find that it will not work in your situation please contact us immediately at

You will receive a set of files has been compressed into a zip file format. WinZip or the Macintosh equivalent is required to open this file type; the software is free to download at or (for Mac).

Extract your project files to a destination of your choice. You will notice that the project files are named exactly as they were delivered to InterWorld Translations; with the addition of a language extension such as “_Es”. It is important not to change the file names in order to avoid any version control issues. We recommend that you or your reviewers add “_rev” to the file name to indicate that the file has been reviewed.

Guidelines for reviewers:

  1. Please use either the notes and comments tool in Acrobat or the track changes feature in Word to make notes directly in your files. If you must print it and make notes by hand, please write as clearly as possible.
  2. Objectively review the existing translations received against the English source provided
  3. Check for grammatical or spelling errors within the translated document The translation should not deviate from the original English by more than 10 % i.e., it is not a complete rewording of the English phrase or sentence. Do not rewrite.
  4. Objective Comments / Feedback from reviewers most welcome. Any comments should deal directly with concrete issues that are fixable, as opposed to subjective changes that ultimately won’t affect the quality of the overall translations. Should there be suggested edits we also request that the reviewer provide a valid reason for the change. Please also provide the suggested change in English.
  5. Reviewers are not reviewing layout of the document. This is a linguistic review only. We will add a dtp review phase once the language is settled.

Layout review

Once the language of your project files has been completed we ask that you provide specific instructions regarding the layout of your project in the target languages. Every effort has been taken to reproduce your translated documents as they appear in English.

Because many languages either expand or shrink (up to 30%) the layout of your translated documents can possibly change. We appreciate any comments you can provide regarding the layout choices made by the dtp teams.

Using the same Commenting tools mentioned above, please review your translated project files and check for:

  1. Pagination. Ensure the page numbers are consecutive between chapters and correct pagination in TOC / Body of Text / Appendices / Index.
  2. Graphics. Make sure art guidelines and style sheet specifications followed and that the appropriate text has been translated. Make sure graphics are aligned correctly to body text and resized correctly. Finally, check that everything is visually correct.
  3. Callout text in graphics. Make sure appropriate text is translated and aligned correctly to body text. Check that the callout text is fully legible and visually correct and does not overrun margins
  4. Table of Contents. Make sure they are re-generated correctly. Check that the table of contents contains a complete set of levels and entries.
  5. Overall appearance. Please provide any comments on the overall appearance of the translated files.

In summary, we hope that these instructions help with the review of your project files.

Your feedback is essential for achieving the highest quality possible. InterWorld Translations strives to exceed your expectations and giving you the greatest value on your investment.

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